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Gille Hrabal IP News of 06.12.2022
European Patent System pushed back by two months
The start of the UPC (Unitary Patent Court), which will enable validation of a granted European invention patent in all UPC member states at once with unitary effect and one fee,  will get into force two month later. The start of the Sunrise Period has moved from 1 January 2023 to 1 March 2023, thus making the official start of the UPC being 1 June 2023.



Gille Hrabal IP News of 15.04.2022
Important Changes in German Patent Law / PCT-DE
The Second Act to Simplify and Modernise Patent Law (Second Patent Law Modernisation Act) provides for numerous amendments in German patent law also with implications for PCT entry into DE national phase as well as in other IP procedures before the German Patent and Trademark Office…



Gille Hrabal IP News of 30.03.2022
How to take advantage of the Unitary Patent already now
When an intention to grant communication according to Rule 71(3) EPC is issued for a European patent application, the grant procedure can be delayed such that the European Patent can be validated as a Unitarty Patent with unitary effect among the European UPC member states…